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Textroad Publishing Corporation is a global and broad-based publisher of peer-reviewed open access journals that provides free access to research articles and latest research information without any financial, legal or technical barriers to scientific community. 


In December of 2010, Textroad Publishing Corporation started publication of the following Journals as monthly publications:

-          Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research.  (ISSN 2090-424x)

-          Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences. (ISSN 2090-4215)

-          Journal of Agriculture and Food Technology. (ISSN: 2090-4282) 

And the following Journals as Bimonthly publications:

-          Journal of Basic and Applied Chemistry. (ISSN 2090-4207)

-          Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences. (ISSN 2090-4231)

-          Journal of Computer Sciences and Communication (ISSN 2356-8844 )

-          Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity Studies (ISSN 2356-8852 )

-          Journal of Engineering and Higher Technology (ISSN 2356-8860 )

-          Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Research (ISSN 2356-8879)   

-          Current Economics and Management Research (ISSN 2356-8887 )

Our internationally recognized publishing program covers wide range of all aspects of Science, Engineering, Management and Technology disciplines. Textroad Publishing Corporation is devoted to enhance cooperation and coordination among researchers and scientists, to identify significant achievements in science around the world.